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Pictures you can't find are JUST AS USELESS as pictures that are completely lost!
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12 April 2007

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Photo Sorter is an extremely easy to use tool that will make the process of renaming and cataloging your pictures easy.
Digital cameras are designed to store the pictures taken with some complicated names. These names are hard to be remembered and often lead to loss of your precious memories. But now you can easily rename these pictures with easier names with this tool. With this simple and easy to handle tool one can manage photos by re-arranging the folder structure to a logical folder structure that is more apprehendable. With a very quick and effective process of renaming your photos this tool allows you to auto-rotate, auto-correct image resolution and assign copyright info to each photo automatically. The use of this tool allows you accomplish this huge renaming process within no time and with very less effort.
The other features of this tool are; support for camera raw files, safe transfer of photo files, ultimate speed, easy interface and much more.

Publisher's description

Every budding digital camera user has this problem: Keeping the photos in an easy to remember way. An average user may have a "few hundreds" of photos called IMG_100.JPG, IMG_0152.JPG, IMG_0531.JPG* in folders CAN0100, CAN0111*, etc. Pictures you can't find are JUST AS USELESS as pictures that are completely lost! So, it is important to think about a system for naming pictures and picture folders. Prograce Photo Sorter takes a fresh approach into managing your photos by re-arranging the folder structure to the logical folder structure you can understand with descriptive names.
Additionally Prograce Photo Sorter allows you to rename files based on flexible renaming system and do many common photographer tasks, such as auto-rotating photos (lossless), auto-correcting image resolution, assigning your copyright info to your each photo on your collection automatically.
If you have thousands of photos, you need Photo Sorter!
Photo Sorter
Photo Sorter
Version 1.2
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